About Us


After more than thirty years of working with leather and manufacturing shoes, we discovered that there were individuals who were looking for leatherwear with excellent quality and straight forward designs that are functional. We saw an opportunity to fill this void in the market place where there was a need for minimalist, but highly crafted leather products.

In 2015, Custom Grain was created to go back to basics and veer away from trends and fast fashion. We believe in minimalism; there is beauty and value in simplicity and craftsmanship. Through our products, we aim to provide customers with the perfect balance of style, function, quality, and value that they can incorporate into their lifestyle.

Custom Grain also provides service for those who would like to have special orders made such as: corporate gifts, wedding and party favors,  bulk orders and the like. Send us an e-mail at info@customgrain.ph or text us at +63917-892-6846 to inquire, we'd be more than happy to collaborate with you.